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Rahul Resilience!!!

We introduced another learning power to the children this week. Rahul joined Ricky after his adventure with Mrs Abela over the weekend!

Rahul’s super power is bounce backability – something we all need at times. When the going gets tough, the tough get going :-). The learning muscles for resilience are absorption, noticing, managing distractions and perseverance.

The staff development meeting on Wednesday was spent looking at ways of developing these learning muscles in the classroom. We investigated how lessons could be adapted so that the children get to use their different muscles.

The coffee morning on Wednesday was a quiet event, but it was lovely to hear from the parents who were there. What did come about was the need for school to advise parents about Twitter and the MRPA web/blog site. We will be doing this on parents evening – setting up screens and instructions for how to access our on – line community. The next coffee morning will be just after half term, and I hope that more people will come along!

We had another trust visit from the director on Tuesday, which was a great success – the Senior Leadership Team dropped into all the classrooms and saw some fabulous teaching and learning. The feedback from this will be presented to the governors next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Busy Busy Bees!!!!

Apologies for the late entry this week – it was such a busy time in school last week, and time to blog was hard to find!

Ricky made another appearance at our assembly on Monday, and shared a story… ‘Sharing a Shell’ by Julia Donaldson. We were talking about interdependence, and how animals in the wild have to work as teams in order to survive. The children were brilliant, and really picked up on why it’s important to use those learning muscles in order to achieve an outcome.

On Tuesday the year 2 children visited the huge telescope at Jodrell Bank. It was great to look at the Twitter feed and see just how many experiences they managed to have in one day… Ricky joined them, and by the looks of it, he really enjoyed himself too!

Wednesday morning saw the year 6 set off to Linnet Clough in Marple for their 3 day residential team building trip. Again, the Twitter feed was great and showed the children working together to have a really good time. The activities looked fantastic, and the few conversations this morning with the children lead me to believe that a good time was had by all 🙂

The children who didn’t attend the residential were in school doing an amazing job – they visited Sky High Adventure on Wednesday, and then had a mixture of PE, Drama and helping out in other classes over the 3 days. I’ve had some super positive reports back from teachers who couldn’t believe just how mature and helpful the children were with our younger pupils. Well done!

Myself and Miss Leah were in Barnsley on Thursday and Friday writing the School Self Evaluation Form – this is something we do each year, and then review at different points throughout the year. The document covers all areas of school life, and lays out where we feel we are now, and what things we need to focus on in order to make things even better. It was certainly a useful 2 days where we got to think about MRPA, and share our thoughts with other school in the trust.

The diary date sheet will go out today – it has been ready since early last week, but it kept getting updated! Hopefully everything is on there now!

Well, here’s to another great week, and I look forward to bloggin on Friday!


Mrs T


What’s so great about being part of the Enquire Learning Trust?

Manchester Road joined the Enquire Learning Trust in October 2014, after working alongside them for over 2 years. The trust was chosen by the governors after weeks of meeting different academy trusts and listening to how they would help the school to move forward.

The Enquire Learning Trust (ELT) has something at it’s very heart which we felt no other academy had – and that’s the absolute belief that if we provide everything possible for our teachers to become great at their work, then the learning in school will improve and all the children will have their potential realised.

The word ‘Enquire’ forms the basis of all the learning we do with the trust. We ask questions and then set about finding the answers and solutions in a way which is focused on the outcomes for children. The ethos in our schools is one of constant learning, of finding smarter ways of making changes, and of continuous improvement… We will never be stagnant or lack inspiration.

Over the past 3 years- even before conversion, the staff in our schools have taken part in development opportunities and research with the trust, all of which has guided us to the place we are now – which I believe is a strong and sustainable position.

So, here’s a quick run through some of the things that we believe are so great about being part of the ELT:

There’s accountability – we feel passionately about the school doing well as part of a larger team, and this is enhanced further by:

  • Termly visits to school by the directors of the trust to conduct an enquiry walk – visiting every classroom and talking to leaders about the focus in school at that point in time.
  • Data enquiries to analyse data and ensure that this matches the focus on the school development plan.
  • Half termly Leadership residential stays keep leaders in school up to date with the current education climate, OFSTED news, updating the school evaluation form (SEF), and share initiatives from other schools in the trust.
  • All NQT’s have access to an inspiring and innovative program of development, ensuring they are excelling by the end of their first year.
  • Learning partners visit school regularly from 2 trust schools so there are learning  partners who know our school really well. This works well, as it offers support for the leaders where needed, and challenge to ensure the school keeps moving forward.
  • All staff have opportunity to develop their own skills and knowledge – we have SEN development and networks, middle leadership development, subject leader development and the outstanding leadership program (amongst many others!)
  • The support offered in school is bespoke – it is fine tuned to ensure progress is made in the areas that we need it, and not just a blanket of support in a ‘one size fits all’ regime.

This is just the tip of the ice- berg, and I’m looking forward to blogging photos and comments as the learning evolves!!

Ricky Reciprocity!!!!

It’s been another great week at MRPA, and we really enjoyed adding a new member to our team… Ricky Reciprocity came to our assembly on Monday and introduced us to his super power ‘Team Player Strength’!

We are all thinking about the learning powers to do with reciprocity, which include interdependence, empathy, listening and collaboration. In short, we are talking to the children about the importance of being able to work both independently and with others in order to achieve an outcome.

The staff development meeting on Wednesday saw all members of the team reading and thinking about how to incorporate learning activities into their classrooms that will encourage the children to use their reciprocity learning muscle in class.

All the Rabbits and Hedgehogs are now in school, and it was fantastic to see the Little Owls join them on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week – They have all been truly amazing. Check out the facebook page for some photos, and of course the Twitter feed will show you some highlights too :-).

Our first star of the week assemblies took place this week, and it was a pleasure to see so many proud teachers and children at the front of the hall celebrating all kinds of wonderful things that the children have been doing – both in school and at home. Don’t forget, if your children do anything at home that can be celebrated, please let us know!

A full diary sheet will be sent out early next week with dates leading up to Christmas. This will also be posted on the blog. We are going to hold 3 coffee mornings each term in the KS2 hall, and we hope that as many parents as possible will join us. Members of staff will be available if you have any questions about school, and we will have a focus for giving out information at each one.

If any of the children have started to do the summer reading challenge, and haven’t quite finished, they still have until 27th September… Even if children want to start form the beginning it’s still possible! We are trying to break a record, and it would be great to see lots of children taking part.

Have a great weekend everyone, and we’ll see you all Monday 🙂

What a great first week!

It’s been a fabulous first week at Manchester Road, the children have returned to school ready to learn and get motoring in their new classes, and we are so proud of their positive attitudes and enthusiasm for being back.

The letters for different clubs have been given out today, and we know lots of children will be interested in joining our sport and extra – curricular activities. If any children don’t get their first choice, there’s no need to worry… They will be on the register for term 2.

A huge welcome to children who are new to our school… We have welcomed 12 new children into KS1 and KS2, and the school is very nearly full! The Early years department has welcomed the reception children to Rabbits and Hedgehogs, and I’m amazed at how quickly they are settling into our school routines. Well done everyone 🙂

We have also welcomed 3 new members of staff to the team – Miss Arrowsmith, Miss Manfreidy and Mrs Brennan have had a great start and are amazed at just how polite, caring and enthusiastic our children are… Comments like that always make us proud.

We have some very early trips and visits this year – Year 2 are off to Jodral Bank (volunteers needed please), and the Year 6 have their residential on the 16th – 18th September.

During the INSET day on the 1st we launched the BLP project with the staff. This is an exciting way of developing children’s learning and thinking skills, and a proven way in which to increase attainment and achievement. We will be holding parents information evenings through the year to give everyone an idea of what this is about, so please look out in the twitter and facebook feeds to ensure you don’t miss out. If you would like some more information at home, please follow the link below to open up a world of learning…

A diary sheet will be sent out next week with up – coming event leading right up to Christmas, so please look out for these in your child’s bag… or pocket!!!

Welcome back Everyone, it really is great to see you all!


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