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End of Summer 1 already!!!


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                             HALF TERMLY NEWSLETTER


Have a fantastic break everyone, and we’ll see you on Monday 13th June!!

Stranger Danger

We have been informed today of an incident that happened last night with one of our pupils.

The child had visited the shop with their family on North Road. The child had gone into the shop, and the family had continued walking home.

When the child left the shop, a white Corsa pulled up in front of her and a man inside asked her if she wanted a lift home. The man had dark hair, was white and around 30/40 years old. After the child told him ‘No’ he began to get out of the car. The child then ran back into the shop and the man drove away.

The police have been informed of this incident, and they are looking to see if they can collect any evidence in order to speak to the man in the car.

Any incidents like this are rare, but always present a worry for the community. The safety of all our children is on our minds all the time, and we hope that the information given can be used to increase awareness as the children are out enjoying the sunshine this weekend.

A great start back!


Welcome back everyone to the second half of the spring term. We’re proud of how the children have returned to school ready to learn and we’re looking forward to another successful term at MRPA.

This week has seen a few visitors to school. The Early Years had a nurse visiting them to talk about what jobs she does, and how she helps people. The Road Safety team were in to see our year 4 children and they talked about the importance of being safe when out and about.

Celebration Time!

We said goodbye to Mr Fin in the nursery today. I know for sure that he will miss the Little Owls lots, but we all wish him well in his new role as daddy, and we look forward to seeing him in a year or so. Good luck Johnathan!



The work on the playground is now complete, and it’s been lovely seeing the children playing and inventing games using the flooring. We are hoping to add to this in the future.

Bring an Adult to School Week

We sent home an invite this week for our Mother’s day activity afternoon. If you would like to attend, please make sure the letter is back in school first thing Monday, or just call school so we can add you to the list.

Library Visit

Library visits are next week so please remember to bring the permission slips to school – and some warm outer – wear/ shoes for the walk. The visits are to celebrate ‘World Book Day’, and as usual, the children can dress up as a book character if they would like to do so!

We hope this has been a great start to the half term for all the children, and we look forward to seeing you either next week or at parents meetings on the 10th!

Joanne Taylor


Super Learning Heroes!!

Super Learning Heroes!!

We have changed our star of the week assemblies to ‘Learning Heroes’ – this is to fit in with our Behaviour Learning Powers (BLP) theme which we started in September. The children will be awarded the super Learning Hero for completing tasks in different ways and showing great learning powers!! As usual, they will then be able to wear their own clothes the following day, and will also go to lunch first with a friend. We are also thinking about a learning hero from the community or on the news – This week we have been looking at TIm Peake, and our question of the week has been:

‘How many examples of resourcefulness can you think of that they would need on the ISS?’

It was great learning about the many achievements through his life, and just how hard he has had to work to get where he is today!

We’ll be watching Tim on a live link next Tuesday – He’s doing a special broadcast to schools… we can’t wait.

Here come the Romans!!

It was great to see the year 3 children in school dressed as Romans and having a Roman banquet today – pretending to be real life Romans looked like a lot of fun!

Learning Council

Ronnie Woods (Trust director) has been in school both this Friday and last Friday to set up our learning council. A group of 20 children from across KS2 have been trained to investigate great learning in our classrooms, and this Friday they have been on a ‘learning detective walk’ around the whole school! It was a brilliant morning, and they have come up with some really good examples of what great learning looks like in our classrooms. This work will now continue through the year as a way of giving the children a voice and understanding what they would like from their learning.


An amazing assembly from year 1LM this morning. Thank you to all the parents for coming along to watch. The children were fab, and showed us some lovely models and learning that hey had been doing both at home and at school. The singing was also great!

Arlo the good dinosaur disney pixar 1

Babies Galore!

Congratulations to Mrs Coupe and Miss Leah who both had babies just before Christmas – Miss Leah had a little girl called Ava and Mrs Coupe had a little boy called Joel. We had a visit from them both this week and it was lovely to have cuddles.

Internet Contact

Can I remind all parents that the main way in which we communicate with families. We have blogs, Twitter and Facebook as ways to communicate. By no means do these replace face to face meetings, and they are not the place to discuss children, staff, systems or policies. If there are any concerns about school, please come in to discuss it 🙂 We’re all friendly and always ready to listen.

Have a great weekend!


Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!I hope that you all had a great holiday, and that the children enjoyed spending time with family and friends over the Christmas period.

The children have had a great return to school and I am so proud of the way they have come back and settled down to learning :-).


We are aiming for a minimum of 96% attendance this year, and so far we are falling below that. The attendance for each class will now be done on a weekly basis, and the children are given different points and rewards for achieving good attendance figures.

We ask that if children are a bit ‘under the weather’ that they come to school and have a go! We would never keep poorly children in school, and will always ring home if they are not well. The other factor in our attendance being low is families taking holidays during term time. The local authority did issue many fines, warnings and even court proceedings this academic year, as a result of families taking holidays during school time.



We’re Nearly There!!!

Of all the weeks in school, this has by far been the very best yet!!

There were amazing performances by all the children for their Christmas plays, and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to watch them all at least twice!! I’d like to thank all the staff for preparing the play – in particular Mrs Pearson for writing the main thread and looking after the technical side of things.

Watching the children makes us feel so proud – they are dedicated, keen, enthusiastic and totally committed to  putting on the best shows ever!!! Well done to you all. I cannot end the positive comments without a mention of the parents and families at home who have helped the children to learn lines, made and bought costumes, and who came along to be a fantastic audience for the children.  A BIG THANK YOU!!!!!

We have now collected around 50 gifts for the Key 103 appeal – but with a week still left to go, there’s still time to bring something along.

Next week will be a great week. The teachers have planned some lovely activities, and the parties on Thursday will be a fantastic way of celebrating Christmas and the success of the children’s performances. Children can come in their own clothes on Thursday ready for the party, and on Friday it will be a ‘dress Christmassy’ day!!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone, and we’ll see you Monday!

What a Week!!!

It’s been a great week at Manchester Road this week. We have had visitors from a school in Jamaica who have been stunned by the resources, behaviour and exciting learning taking place in our school.

Darren Holmes, one of the directors of the trust, visited the school on Monday and we had a thorough look through the children’s books. We also visited every classroom to look at the quality of teaching and learning. It was a really good day, and we discovered many things that are great about MRPA, and some things we can be working at to make it even better.

The gold card assembly was held before the holidays… A huge congratulations to 6RE, 2LF and Little Owls who were our class gold card champions! The class champions were

I visited Limetree Academy this week to investigate how newly qualified teachers can settle into the profession quickly and become great teachers. This was a very informative day, and I learnt lots about systems for teaching and learning – it was also good to share some of our practice.

The Mayor visited school on Monday to present the Gold Active Mark for the school. This was presented to Mr Hadfield, Mr Ismail and Mr Smith – all of whom make a huge contribution to sport and activity in the school. The Active mark is about so much more than competition – it’s about participation, the Playground Leaders, high quality PE and children’s attitudes towards keeping healthy. Well done to all staff and parents who help through last year to make this possible.

Year 3 presented their learning in assembly this morning, and this was a pleasure to watch – an amazing walk through Manchester and other cities around the world. Well done everyone!

As a last thought, please can I remind parents, children and whoever reads this blog that we are collecting for Key 103 Mission Christmas appeal – we have a few gifts already, but it would be great to be able to tkae a huge pile off to the warehouse in a few weeks time. x

Have a great weekend everyone

Mrs T

Great Learning at MRPA!

It’s been a great first week back at MRPA. We welcomed Ronnie Woods into school on Monday to talk to the staff about our recent Enquiry in school. We were investigating where the quality of teaching and learning is at this moment in time, and how we can work together to make improvements over the coming months – ensuring we’re on the path to outstanding!

The new nursery build is almost complete, and we can’t wait until the Little Owls can set themselves up in their new home :-). The nursery will have a great child – height kitchen and an IT/ library area, as well as a large teaching and learning space for Mr Fin and Miss Diveney.

We have welcomed a new member of staff to the team this week. Jade Collinson is covering for the maternity leave in Early years (Mrs Coupe’s baby is due any day!) and is also teaching in year 1 alongside Mrs Binless and Miss McCrea.

I’ve seen some great learning in school this week… Mr Lally has been working his magic and making things glow and smoke, and in year 5 I’ve witnessed Henry the VIII’s wife coming to life again! In KS 1 the children have been using equipment to measure accurately, and using air to make things happen – super science!

We hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend, and wee look forward to seeing the children on Monday 🙂

Enjoy the fireworks/bonfires, and remember to keep safe!

Mrs Taylor


Have a Great Holiday Everyone!!!

What a half term!!! It’s been so busy over the last 8 weeks, and all the children have settled amazingly well into their new classes.

We’ve had a few new events, and in particular the ‘bring an adult to school’ week was fab J  . We look forward to holding our next one in the spring term!

As you know, we are trying ‘paper free’ communication this year, and it has been great to see so many parents and families following us on Twitter, Facebook and our new blog/website. All these are quite new, and we really appreciate any suggestions for improvement that you may have. There will be regular after school meetings for those parents/ carers who would like to know more, and during our parents meetings we will have information on how to join the on line community here at MRPA.

The children’s interim reports will be sent out to parents on Monday 9th November, and parents meetings will be held on Wednesday 11th November.

The academy trust is in the process of surveying our school site, looking to see where improvements can be made, and how learning can be effected by the limiting building we currently have. We did apply for a new build last year but we were rejected.  Over this half term holiday, a new nursery is being installed into what is currently the infant corridor – this will also take up our two office rooms. In addition to this, the whole of early years is to have new flooring and decoration throughout. We’re also having a new child – height kitchen installed!! Look out for the photos on Twitter. The infant entrance will no longer be in use as a result of this, and the infant children will both enter and leave through the classroom doors in year 1, 2 and the reading recovery room. Children in Mrs Frost’s class will enter and leave through Miss Szoltysek’s classroom door.

Obviously this is not an ideal situation, and one which I hope will be very short term. The plans were to have the work carried out during the summer, but as with most building projects, there were delays. The other option was to wait until next summer and this is something which I wasn’t willing to do. I have put plans in for an extension to the infant building which includes new toilets, a cloakroom, two new small classrooms and entrance/exit spaces for all classes. We have a meeting on the 2nd November where I hope these plans will be approved ready for building next year.

On the first day back, please be patient whilst staff guide the children through these new routines.

Children in the nursery will enter the building through the same side entrance as the reception children for the first 4 weeks of the half term. This is whilst areas are sectioned off to complete work. After this time, the nursery will enter back through their usual door.

This is really exciting news for MRPA, as it’s important to keep the building up to date and in good condition, and this is only the start!

Have a great half term everyone, and we’ll see you back in school on Tuesday 3rd November.

Joanne Taylor



What an amazing week this week has been 🙂

It’s always good to try something new, and the introduction of ‘Bring an adult to school’ has been a great success.

Over 180 adults visited school over the week – enjoying activities with  the children, and especially enjoying the school dinner (although the absence of mint custard was a disappointment!!). The staff really worked their socks off during the weeks building up to the event, and it made us so proud to see the lovely activities they had prepared for everyone to enjoy.

As a parent, I know how hard it can be for special adults to spend such a long period of time with children, and many of the positive comments were about how nice it was to be able to spend time with their children, with staff in the school, and with the school community in general.

There will be 2 more days after the new year, and we hope that this will become a much – loved event that everyone will look forward to.

As if that wasn’t enough, Miss Doncaster has also been busy arranging the Monster Ball which took place last night – another huge success… and well done to all the children and adults for putting together such great costumes… Some were very scary!

Don’t forget to check out out Twitter pages for photos of all these events. @MRPA_Home

Next week will be the last week of our first half term. ‘Gold’ assembly is on Thursday, so the children are busy collecting those last few precious cards to see if they can be champion, or if they can contribute to their class being champions – Good luck everyone 🙂

School will finish on Friday at 3.20pm, and we do not return until Tuesday 3rd November.

The new nursery building work will begin over the holidays… I’ll write more about this next week.


Have a fantastic weekend everyone, and again, thank you to the adults who came along to support the school during this fantastic week!!

Joanne Taylor