Stranger Danger

We have been informed today of an incident that happened last night with one of our pupils.

The child had visited the shop with their family on North Road. The child had gone into the shop, and the family had continued walking home.

When the child left the shop, a white Corsa pulled up in front of her and a man inside asked her if she wanted a lift home. The man had dark hair, was white and around 30/40 years old. After the child told him ‘No’ he began to get out of the car. The child then ran back into the shop and the man drove away.

The police have been informed of this incident, and they are looking to see if they can collect any evidence in order to speak to the man in the car.

Any incidents like this are rare, but always present a worry for the community. The safety of all our children is on our minds all the time, and we hope that the information given can be used to increase awareness as the children are out enjoying the sunshine this weekend.

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