Super Learning Heroes!!

Super Learning Heroes!!

We have changed our star of the week assemblies to ‘Learning Heroes’ – this is to fit in with our Behaviour Learning Powers (BLP) theme which we started in September. The children will be awarded the super Learning Hero for completing tasks in different ways and showing great learning powers!! As usual, they will then be able to wear their own clothes the following day, and will also go to lunch first with a friend. We are also thinking about a learning hero from the community or on the news – This week we have been looking at TIm Peake, and our question of the week has been:

‘How many examples of resourcefulness can you think of that they would need on the ISS?’

It was great learning about the many achievements through his life, and just how hard he has had to work to get where he is today!

We’ll be watching Tim on a live link next Tuesday – He’s doing a special broadcast to schools… we can’t wait.

Here come the Romans!!

It was great to see the year 3 children in school dressed as Romans and having a Roman banquet today – pretending to be real life Romans looked like a lot of fun!

Learning Council

Ronnie Woods (Trust director) has been in school both this Friday and last Friday to set up our learning council. A group of 20 children from across KS2 have been trained to investigate great learning in our classrooms, and this Friday they have been on a ‘learning detective walk’ around the whole school! It was a brilliant morning, and they have come up with some really good examples of what great learning looks like in our classrooms. This work will now continue through the year as a way of giving the children a voice and understanding what they would like from their learning.


An amazing assembly from year 1LM this morning. Thank you to all the parents for coming along to watch. The children were fab, and showed us some lovely models and learning that hey had been doing both at home and at school. The singing was also great!

Arlo the good dinosaur disney pixar 1

Babies Galore!

Congratulations to Mrs Coupe and Miss Leah who both had babies just before Christmas – Miss Leah had a little girl called Ava and Mrs Coupe had a little boy called Joel. We had a visit from them both this week and it was lovely to have cuddles.

Internet Contact

Can I remind all parents that the main way in which we communicate with families. We have blogs, Twitter and Facebook as ways to communicate. By no means do these replace face to face meetings, and they are not the place to discuss children, staff, systems or policies. If there are any concerns about school, please come in to discuss it 🙂 We’re all friendly and always ready to listen.

Have a great weekend!


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