We’re Nearly There!!!

Of all the weeks in school, this has by far been the very best yet!!

There were amazing performances by all the children for their Christmas plays, and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to watch them all at least twice!! I’d like to thank all the staff for preparing the play – in particular Mrs Pearson for writing the main thread and looking after the technical side of things.

Watching the children makes us feel so proud Рthey are dedicated, keen, enthusiastic and totally committed to  putting on the best shows ever!!! Well done to you all. I cannot end the positive comments without a mention of the parents and families at home who have helped the children to learn lines, made and bought costumes, and who came along to be a fantastic audience for the children.  A BIG THANK YOU!!!!!

We have now collected around 50 gifts for the Key 103 appeal – but with a week still left to go, there’s still time to bring something along.

Next week will be a great week. The teachers have planned some lovely activities, and the parties on Thursday will be a fantastic way of celebrating Christmas and the success of the children’s performances. Children can come in their own clothes on Thursday ready for the party, and on Friday it will be a ‘dress Christmassy’ day!!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone, and we’ll see you Monday!

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