Have a Great Holiday Everyone!!!

What a half term!!! It’s been so busy over the last 8 weeks, and all the children have settled amazingly well into their new classes.

We’ve had a few new events, and in particular the ‘bring an adult to school’ week was fab J  . We look forward to holding our next one in the spring term!

As you know, we are trying ‘paper free’ communication this year, and it has been great to see so many parents and families following us on Twitter, Facebook and our new blog/website. All these are quite new, and we really appreciate any suggestions for improvement that you may have. There will be regular after school meetings for those parents/ carers who would like to know more, and during our parents meetings we will have information on how to join the on line community here at MRPA.

The children’s interim reports will be sent out to parents on Monday 9th November, and parents meetings will be held on Wednesday 11th November.

The academy trust is in the process of surveying our school site, looking to see where improvements can be made, and how learning can be effected by the limiting building we currently have. We did apply for a new build last year but we were rejected.  Over this half term holiday, a new nursery is being installed into what is currently the infant corridor – this will also take up our two office rooms. In addition to this, the whole of early years is to have new flooring and decoration throughout. We’re also having a new child – height kitchen installed!! Look out for the photos on Twitter. The infant entrance will no longer be in use as a result of this, and the infant children will both enter and leave through the classroom doors in year 1, 2 and the reading recovery room. Children in Mrs Frost’s class will enter and leave through Miss Szoltysek’s classroom door.

Obviously this is not an ideal situation, and one which I hope will be very short term. The plans were to have the work carried out during the summer, but as with most building projects, there were delays. The other option was to wait until next summer and this is something which I wasn’t willing to do. I have put plans in for an extension to the infant building which includes new toilets, a cloakroom, two new small classrooms and entrance/exit spaces for all classes. We have a meeting on the 2nd November where I hope these plans will be approved ready for building next year.

On the first day back, please be patient whilst staff guide the children through these new routines.

Children in the nursery will enter the building through the same side entrance as the reception children for the first 4 weeks of the half term. This is whilst areas are sectioned off to complete work. After this time, the nursery will enter back through their usual door.

This is really exciting news for MRPA, as it’s important to keep the building up to date and in good condition, and this is only the start!

Have a great half term everyone, and we’ll see you back in school on Tuesday 3rd November.

Joanne Taylor


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