Rahul Resilience!!!

We introduced another learning power to the children this week. Rahul joined Ricky after his adventure with Mrs Abela over the weekend!

Rahul’s super power is bounce backability – something we all need at times. When the going gets tough, the tough get going :-). The learning muscles for resilience are absorption, noticing, managing distractions and perseverance.

The staff development meeting on Wednesday was spent looking at ways of developing these learning muscles in the classroom. We investigated how lessons could be adapted so that the children get to use their different muscles.

The coffee morning on Wednesday was a quiet event, but it was lovely to hear from the parents who were there. What did come about was the need for school to advise parents about Twitter and the MRPA web/blog site. We will be doing this on parents evening – setting up screens and instructions for how to access our on – line community. The next coffee morning will be just after half term, and I hope that more people will come along!

We had another trust visit from the director on Tuesday, which was a great success – the Senior Leadership Team dropped into all the classrooms and saw some fabulous teaching and learning. The feedback from this will be presented to the governors next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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