Busy Busy Bees!!!!

Apologies for the late entry this week – it was such a busy time in school last week, and time to blog was hard to find!

Ricky made another appearance at our assembly on Monday, and shared a story… ‘Sharing a Shell’ by Julia Donaldson. We were talking about interdependence, and how animals in the wild have to work as teams in order to survive. The children were brilliant, and really picked up on why it’s important to use those learning muscles in order to achieve an outcome.

On Tuesday the year 2 children visited the huge telescope at Jodrell Bank. It was great to look at the Twitter feed and see just how many experiences they managed to have in one day… Ricky joined them, and by the looks of it, he really enjoyed himself too!

Wednesday morning saw the year 6 set off to Linnet Clough in Marple for their 3 day residential team building trip. Again, the Twitter feed was great and showed the children working together to have a really good time. The activities looked fantastic, and the few conversations this morning with the children lead me to believe that a good time was had by all 🙂

The children who didn’t attend the residential were in school doing an amazing job – they visited Sky High Adventure on Wednesday, and then had a mixture of PE, Drama and helping out in other classes over the 3 days. I’ve had some super positive reports back from teachers who couldn’t believe just how mature and helpful the children were with our younger pupils. Well done!

Myself and Miss Leah were in Barnsley on Thursday and Friday writing the School Self Evaluation Form – this is something we do each year, and then review at different points throughout the year. The document covers all areas of school life, and lays out where we feel we are now, and what things we need to focus on in order to make things even better. It was certainly a useful 2 days where we got to think about MRPA, and share our thoughts with other school in the trust.

The diary date sheet will go out today – it has been ready since early last week, but it kept getting updated! Hopefully everything is on there now!

Well, here’s to another great week, and I look forward to bloggin on Friday!


Mrs T


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