What’s so great about being part of the Enquire Learning Trust?

Manchester Road joined the Enquire Learning Trust in October 2014, after working alongside them for over 2 years. The trust was chosen by the governors after weeks of meeting different academy trusts and listening to how they would help the school to move forward.

The Enquire Learning Trust (ELT) has something at it’s very heart which we felt no other academy had – and that’s the absolute belief that if we provide everything possible for our teachers to become great at their work, then the learning in school will improve and all the children will have their potential realised.

The word ‘Enquire’ forms the basis of all the learning we do with the trust. We ask questions and then set about finding the answers and solutions in a way which is focused on the outcomes for children. The ethos in our schools is one of constant learning, of finding smarter ways of making changes, and of continuous improvement… We will never be stagnant or lack inspiration.

Over the past 3 years- even before conversion, the staff in our schools have taken part in development opportunities and research with the trust, all of which has guided us to the place we are now – which I believe is a strong and sustainable position.

So, here’s a quick run through some of the things that we believe are so great about being part of the ELT:

There’s accountability – we feel passionately about the school doing well as part of a larger team, and this is enhanced further by:

  • Termly visits to school by the directors of the trust to conduct an enquiry walk – visiting every classroom and talking to leaders about the focus in school at that point in time.
  • Data enquiries to analyse data and ensure that this matches the focus on the school development plan.
  • Half termly Leadership residential stays keep leaders in school up to date with the current education climate, OFSTED news, updating the school evaluation form (SEF), and share initiatives from other schools in the trust.
  • All NQT’s have access to an inspiring and innovative program of development, ensuring they are excelling by the end of their first year.
  • Learning partners visit school regularly from 2 trust schools so there are learning  partners who know our school really well. This works well, as it offers support for the leaders where needed, and challenge to ensure the school keeps moving forward.
  • All staff have opportunity to develop their own skills and knowledge – we have SEN development and networks, middle leadership development, subject leader development and the outstanding leadership program (amongst many others!)
  • The support offered in school is bespoke – it is fine tuned to ensure progress is made in the areas that we need it, and not just a blanket of support in a ‘one size fits all’ regime.

This is just the tip of the ice- berg, and I’m looking forward to blogging photos and comments as the learning evolves!!

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